New WellCare Grant: Domestic Violence Survivors "Hope for the Future"

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August 9, 2003

Prestonsburg, KY

AppalReD Legal Aid’s Appalachian HOPE (Homeless Outreach Prevention Effort) has assisted hundreds of domestic violence survivors over the past decade to transition to safe stable housing, but this is the first time AppalReD Legal Aid been able to extend Appalachian HOPE across its 37 county-wide service area. This grant funding will help clients who have experienced violence with court fees, transportation to court and medical appointments, moving costs, utilities, or the cost of replacing IDs and other documents.

“AppalReD Legal Aid’s services are always free of charge, but there are still barriers that stand in the way. For example, if a client can’t afford transportation to court how can they truly access justice? Sometimes court fees of a few hundred dollars are all that stand in the way of a client divorcing their abuser. With this new grant from WellCare we’ve been able to deliver the good news to several domestic violence survivors that they can now afford freedom from violence,” says Evan Smith, Interim Executive Director of AppalReD Legal Aid.

One client said when she got the news, "This puts such a smile on my face. I've just been wanting this divorce for so long and it gives me hope for the future."

Corey Ewing, President and CEO of WellCare, said, "Domestic violence not only impacts a person’s physical wellbeing but also their emotional and physical health. We are proud to support the mission of AppalReD Legal Aid and all they do to give hope to domestic violence survivors.”

WellCare granted AppalReD Legal Aid $10,000 to use over six months. Clients do not need to be WellCare members to receive support.

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