How to get help

In order to get help from AppalReD, you must be low income, have limited assets, and have a kind of problem AppalReD handles.  AppalReD can help senior citizens regardless of their income and assets.

What kinds of cases do we handle?

1.         Consumer problems including bankruptcies, collections, garnishments, car sales, car repos, consumer rip-offs, and home improvements.

2.         Domestic violence and family law issues including protective orders, divorces, adoption defense, and custody cases.

3.         Housing problems including foreclosures, evictions (both private and government housing), utility shut-offs, and rental conditions cases.

4.         Public benefits issues including K-TAP, SNAP (Food Stamps), Social Security, SSI, Black Lung, and VA benefits.

5.         Utility issues with regulated and municipal utility companies including terminations and billing disputes.

6.         Education issues including special education rights and school discipline.

7.         Health care issues including Medicaid, Medicare, health insurance disputes, Qualified Income Trusts (QIT), and medical debt.

8.         Employment issues including discharge from state employment and Unemployment Compensation.

9.         Senior citizen services including simple wills, POA’s, and living wills.

10.       Tax issues including problems with the IRS.

11.        Expungements including felonies and misdemeanors.

Thing We Don’t Do.

  • Criminal cases
  • Personal injury cases
  • Property disputes
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Probate
  • Adoptions
  • Name Change

If you have a problem that we handle, call our Central Intake Office at 1-866-277-5733 or make an online application.

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