What does new SSA settlement for Conn victims mean?

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Yesterday, a settlement was reached with the Social Security Administration that will allow about 500 of Conn’s former clients who lost their disability benefits to request a new hearing. Those who request hearings can ask to have their monthly benefits reinstated, and, if they win their hearing, could receive their “back” benefits.

Here’s what we know:

The Social Security Administration has 120 days to send former clients of Eric Conn who lost their benefits a notice that will provide more details about the process. At that time, we can provide information about how these former clients can request a new hearing.

If the client is successful at the hearing, they will be eligible for up to six years of back disability benefits.

It’s important to spread the word to Conn victims so when the notice is released by the SSA they can receive the important information they need to request a hearing, to know what to expect, and to connect with a legal volunteer.

We note that this process is unlikely to be as fast as those who have suffered for many years and who are living in poverty deserve. Relief will not be immediate. But we are cautiously optimistic that in time this will be a viable pathway to relief.

We do not need legal volunteers immediately, but we anticipate a great need for legal help once hearings begin to be scheduled. We will put out a call for volunteers at a later date.

Ned Pillersdorf is hosting an open client meeting and press conference at 2 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 12 at the Old Floyd County Courthouse to discuss the decision.

Members of the volunteer legal team are invited to attend in person or via Zoom. Anyone can request a link by emailing, pillersn@gmail.com.

Mary Going, Pro Director at AppalReD Legal Aid, can be reached at MaryG@ardfky.org.

We are so grateful for the hundreds of volunteer lawyers who have represented nearly 1000 of Conn’s former clients, including AppalReD Legal Aid staff attorneys, pro bono volunteers, WilmerHale, and Ned Pillersdorf.

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