Informational meeting scheduled for former clients of Eric C. Conn

PIKE COUNTY, Ky. A public informational meeting is scheduled this week for former Eric C. Conn clients.

Attorney Ned Pillersdorf says notices are being sent out to more than 1,900 former clients, asking for medical records within 30 days.

Pillersdorf says most of his clients are unaware of how to respond to the record request. He says if they send their medical records within 30 days, they may not have to have a hearing regarding their benefits.

Pillersdorf says he has been told the Social Security Administration wants to begin these hearings in May.

To help former clients, Appal-Red Legal Aid and Pillersdorf's office will hold an informational meeting on Thursday at three in the afternoon. The meeting will be held at the old Pike County Courthouse in the Fiscal Courtroom.

Pillersdorf says he is also hoping to recruit attorneys for clients who end up going through hearings. Any volunteers are encouraged and welcome to attend the meeting as well.  READ MORE

Posted: March 13, 2018