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Crime Victims Compensation

Proper Courtroom Behavior

Downloadble Forms:

NOTE:  These packets are to be used by couples where both parties agree on all issues regarding the divorce (and will sign a Settlement Agreement), and where the Petitioner (the person filing the divorce) knows the location and contact information for the Respondent (their husband or wife).

Self-Help Divorce Packet with Children

      Child Support Guidelines and Worksheet

      Link to Child Support Calculator

Self-Help Divorce Packet without Children

Civil Summons

Warning Order Attorney (2 Page Document)

Default Judgment Documents:

Motion for Default Judgment and Decree of Dissolution of Marriage

Default Judgment Certificate and Military Affidavit

Default Judgment

Decree of Dissolution of Marriage (with Children Under 18, With Default Judgment Entered)


2017 Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse Awareness Conference Materials

2016 Domestic Violence & Elder Abuse Awareness Conference Materials:

Speaker, Carol Jordan, UK Executive Director, Office for Policy Studies on Violence Against Women - VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: AN HISTORICAL FOUNDATION FOR TODAY’S REFORMS

Lt. Carolyn Nunn, Commander of the Special Victims Unit, Louisville Metro Police Dept. - Assessing Dangerousness & Lethality in Domestic Violence and Domestic Violence Lethality Screen for First Responders

Melissa Gilpin, RN, SANE, Collaboration Specialist, KASAP - SANEs & SAFEs The Who, What, When, Why and Where of Sexual Assault Exams in Kentucky

Nikki Henderson, Investigator, Office of the Attorney General, Medicaid, Fraud and Abuse Unit - Don't Let Financial Exploitation Steal Our Golden Years

Social Security Disability Training Materials:

Training Materials - August 29, 2015 and Training Video

Training Materials - December 19, 2015 and Training Video

Training Materials - September 17, 2016

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