Social Security Hearings Have Started for Former Clients of Eric C. Conn Facing Loss of Benefits

About 1400 people in Kentucky who were former clients of Attorney Eric C. Conn are facing a review of their eligibility for Social Security Disability and SSI benefits because of possible fraud.  Social Security hearings to review eligibility for those people have recently begun.  If you are facing a hearing and would like an attorney, you should contact AppalReD Legal Aid at 1-866-277-5733.  AppalReD Legal Aid has recruited attorneys to provide pro bono representation to those facing the loss of their benefits.  AppalReD Legal Aid will do its best to try to arrange representation for all those who apply, but AppalReD Legal Aid cannot guarantee that it will be able to help everyone.

People who have hearings scheduled should appear for the hearings whether or not they have attorneys.  If you are without an attorney at the time of your hearing and would like to get one, you can appear at the hearing and request a continuance.  If the continuance is granted, you can then contact AppalReD Legal Aid.  If you fail to appear for your hearing, you will lose your case and have no chance to keep your benefits.  All people facing hearings should reapply for benefits with the Social Security Administration.

AppalReD Legal Aid provides free legal help in civil matters to people and groups who cannot afford an attorney.  AppalReD Legal Aid serves 37 counties in eastern and south central Kentucky.

Posted: October 22, 2015