Court Rules In Favor Of Former Conn Clients

PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (LEX 18)– Attorneys for the former clients of Eric C. Conn have received more good news in court.

According to attorney Ned Pillersdorf, a Floyd County County Circuit Judge ruled against the former attorney’s legal malpractice insurer to pay $1.5 million to his former clients in a legal malpractice class action suit.

Conn spent six months on the run after pleading guilty to bribing judges and doctors in a $500 million Social Security fraud scheme, involving Administrative Law Judge David Daughtry and Dr. Bradley Adkins. The SSA decided to subject hundreds of Conn’s former clients to a redetermination process.

A previous judgment against United States Fire Insurance Company, Conn’s former insurance, had been entered against Conn and his law office.  The company has been fighting the ruling and Pillersdorf reports that the insurer will appeal again.

“While I don’t anticipate us receiving any money soon, the ruling received today [Thusday] is a significant victory for a lot of folks who have had little to celebrate during this four-year-old debacle,” wrote Pillersdorf.

The battle to restore Conn’s clients’ disability benefits is still in motion with an appeal court ruling in their favor. The benefits have not yet been restored.

Pillersdorf also warned clients of potential scammers who had previously targeted them following the initial court ruling.

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Posted: May 17, 2019