Former Eric C. Conn client homeless after losing benefits

LETCHER Co., Ky. (WYMT) - Thousands of former clients of Eric C. Conn have had their social security benefits taken away and are being scheduled for redetermination hearings to see if and when they can get those benefits back. While Conn is in prison with a roof over his head and food in his stomach one of his former clients is struggling to have even that.

"I have nothing...I'm homeless right now and I have nothing," said Thomas Mullins.

But Mullins, a former coal miner, says it was not always this way.

"Well I lived good, I had a nice place, I had a nice car, I had everything," Mullins remembered. "I worked every day...I was a working man. Here's the way I look at it...I was a working man and now I'm not nothing."

When Mullins could no longer work due to health reasons he sought help from Mr. Social Security.

"I hired Eric C. Conn's law firm to help me get my compensation...I never met the man or nothing, but anyway...they helped me get social security," said Mullins.

But nearly two years ago Mullins, who can not read or write, lost his benefits during a hearing where his only council was the Social Security Administration.



Posted: July 18, 2018