"Peace of Mind:" $10,000 grant to help victims of domestic violence

Attorney Cassandra Combs


HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - AppalReD Legal Aid is a non-profit law firm that provides free legal services to people that qualify in 37 counties across the state.

The organization received a $10,000 grant from WellCare to help victims of domestic violence get out of their situation. The program is called Appalachian HOPE, Homeless Outreach Prevention Effort.

Cassandra Combs, a staff attorney with AppalReD Legal Aid, said they have already been able to help 15 clients because of the grant money.

“That money is going fast and it’s going to those who really deserve it which is great,” said Combs. “I actually had one of those clients, I helped them get tires to flee a domestic violence situation here in Perry County.”

Combs said, although the services that AppalReD Legal Aid provide are free to clients, there still may be fees they have that the client cannot afford.

“We can help them avoid having to cash out probably the last $200 to their names,” Combs added.

The grant gave AppalReD Legal Aid the ability to spread the Appalachian HOPE program to all of the counties that they support.

“This should give them and us peace of mind that we can help you file that divorce we can help you file for custody and pay a friend of the court or a guardian ad litem fee,” Combs said.

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