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Legal Representation changes lives.

Individuals who cannot afford an attorney or access critical information are unlikely to prevail in complex court systems designed for those with legal representation. But with you by their side, clients win. And we all win when the result is safer and more secure lives for members of our communities.

AppalReD Legal Aid’s Pro Bono program helps meet the tremendous need for civil legal help in eastern and south-central Kentucky.

Training and Support for Pro Bono Volunteers
  • Support: AppalReD provides training, mentoring, and co-counseling opportunities for volunteer attorneys.
  • Coverage: AppalReD Legal Aid’s malpractice insurance covers the activities of our volunteer attorneys.
  • Meeting Space: AppalReD Legal Aid’s six offices can provide space to meet with clients.
  • Fees: “Low Bono” or Private Attorney Involvement contracts are available! Volunteer attorneys receive the maximum fee to assist.
Attorney Pro Bono Opportunities

AppalReD offers the following pro bono attorney opportunities:

1.         Pro Bono Case Referrals- We can send you case referrals for pro bono representation in the following areas: family law, bankruptcies, collection cases, and evictions.

2.         Low Income Taxpayer Clinic-You can volunteer to provide pro bono help to clients with IRS tax issues.

3.         Reduced Fee Case Referrals-We can send you case referrals in family law, bankruptcy, eviction, and collections for you to handle at a reduced fee.

4.         Pro Se Clinics-AppalReD holds clinics to help pro se litigants with divorces and other family law cases.  You can volunteer to help at a clinic.

5.         Social Security Hearings for victims of Eric C. Conn 

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please complete the volunteer application. Reach out to Charnel Burton, Pro Bono Director at

Upcoming Pro Se Clinics

Volunteering at a pro se family law clinic is a great way to make a big difference with a limited time investment (3 hours). Virtual clinics are even more convenient. You can volunteer from your home or office! Email to volunteer.

UK Law Professor Melissa Henke spent a summer afternoon volunteering in Somerset, KY at a pro se clinic.
UK Law Professor Melissa Henke spent a summer afternoon volunteering at a clinic in Somerset, KY.

April 2 Louisa @ 1:00 pm

April 16 Harlan

May 1 Cumberland @ 1:00 pm

May 14 Virtual @ 1:00 pm

June 4 Richmond @ 1:00 pm

June 11 Virtual @ 9:00 am

July 9 Barbourville @ 1:00 pm

June 23 Virtual @ 1:00 pm

August 6 Pikeville @ 1:00 pm


Social Security Hearings for Victims of Eric C. Conn

We anticipate a wave of Social Security hearings, with nearly 2000 of our fellow Kentuckians needing help to ensure they can keep their life-saving benefits. These folks did nothing wrong, except hire a prominent lawyer. You can make all the difference!

Non-Attorney Pro Bono Opportunities

You do not need a law license to help make a difference in your community. AppalReD is always in need of dedicated, committed individuals to help out. Anyone with the time, dedication, and talent to help AppalReD achieve its mission is encouraged to complete the volunteer application.

Law Student Opportunities

In addition, if you are a law student and would like more information on how you can volunteer during the school year or summer, please complete the volunteer application.

Notre Dame Students Spring 2024
Law Students from Notre Dame Law spent their Spring Break volunteering at two pro se clinics. They are joined by local pro bono volunteers Doug Holliday and Daryle Ronning.

Pro Bono Newsletters

VLAK Newsletters

Please click the link above for VLAK updates.

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