Join The Fight For Good: Pro Bono Attorneys Needed

How can you stay #HealthyAtHome when you don't have a home?

Kentucky is facing an eviction crisis like never before. Recent research predicts that over the next few months, 1 in 2 Kentuckians won't be able to pay rent.


We Need Your Help.

Join other tenacious volunteer attorneys fighting for good in the midst of a crisis. You can keep a family safe in their home and prevent a further public health emergency. Your generosity and fighting spirit makes all the difference for #TeamKentucky.

Together Lawyers Can is offering a free two hour CLE on Landlord-Tenant Law.

Together Lawyers Can is a coalition of volunteer attorneys organizing to provide direct legal assistance to Kentuckians in need as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about Together Lawyers Can or to register for our CLEs visit

Register for the CLE here.

Join the Fight For Good. How can you help today?


Posted: July 27, 2020